F-Max Hpl Rivets


With P.P. Coating For Exterior & Architectural Use Now Heaviet and Longer Rivets for Extra Strength

Please follow instructions to ensure a proper finish

  • 1. Unless fastening-tool can notgo in, the riveting works must be conducted from the side where drilling has been made, which will prevent the flange (rivet head) from flashes due to drilling.
  • 2. When metallic materials are listened with nonmetallic materials such as Plywood,Plastics of Fabrics,the riveting works must be conducted on the metallic side. and in order to secure a rigid riveting,Large Flange Rivet is recommended.
  • 3. When fastening with a thin material, thinner than 0.5mm, the riveting must be done the face of thin material.
  • 4.Rivet Head Type: Rivet head WI Bear on aluminium sheet. , .Your guide to select the right blind rivets.

Corrosion Resistance


Rivets Dia (A) : 4.8mm or 3/16in

Rivet. en (B) : 19mm

Flange Head_.pja (C) : 14mm or 9/16in

Mandrel Len (Q) 60mm

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